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Do the Most Optimistic People Live in Africa?


That according to a Pew Report Picked up on by Bloomberg on July 23rd. For example, “growth in Ethiopia has beaten every other sub-Saharan country over the past decade.” —

One report says that “when it comes to optimism about the domestic economy, the French have nothing on Ethiopians”. Is that true or false?

As another example, Nigeria tops the Pew Research Center charts, with 92 percent of respondents seeing their economy improving in the next 12 months That contrasts with only a net 5 percent who said it would stay the same or worsen.

Residents in Burkina Faso and Ethiopia were similarly upbeat, with more than 80% of people in each country projecting economic progress.

To read the entire report, contact Pew Research Center for their survey. To read the entire, go to Bloomberg news.