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GREX acquires SENSR Monitoring Technologies to offer complete track and bridge inspection service

SENSER competes with Atlanta based LifeSpan Technologies in using remote sensors to measure bridge and possible track movement under load.

The deal expands GREX services to its growing customer base. Many are rail companies.

More details can be found selective reports, including: http://www.railwayage.com/index.php/m_and_w/grex-acquires-sensr-monitoring-technologies.html

Essential highlights as I see the business.

Georgetown Rail Equipment Company (GREX) acquired SENSR Monitoring Technologies. It is setting up new wholly owned subsidiary, SENSR Monitoring Technologies, LLC (SMT).

SENSR develops and sells special monitoring equipment and has created an internet-based “health monitoring system” for measuring and managing structures movements by remote connections.

GREX says that its business plan is to expand its current advance infrastructure products and monitoring systems to include monitoring functions with SENSR on: Railway bridges, highway bridges, wind turbines, And even oil derricks.


Like its Atlanta based competitor, the SENSR products will facilitate the monitoring of these structures to better analyze what level of deterioration exists in them today and what might assist in prioritizing repairs or replacement options.


The SENSR team, including founder Chris Kavars and Les Davis, will be part of the resulting business efforts. GREX President and CEO Wiggie Shell will also be chairman of SMT.  The management team believes that its sensor product “can revolutionize the structural monitoring industry”… ——

Part of the business move came from a concept looked at by one of the large engineering consulting groups. But GREX appears to be the innovator with this deal.

As an economist, I see this offering a WOW technical change to heretofore a largely visual inspection regime.

These modern sensors create much more data driven certainty to inspection reports. GREX competitors for inspection service offered to railroad clients include Progress Rail, RailWorks, and Herzog to name a few. None appears yet to offer bridge and infrastructure movement sensing technology of this GREX type.

My blog readers will recall an earlier published piece on how these. modern sensing and recording devices can detect precise bridge movement conditions that can then be used as data points to determine immediate bridge repair requirements versus deferrable conditions. The level of analytical reporting condition confidence is an order of magnitude much higher with this innovation.

These innovative sensors can significantly alter perceived railroad company capital budget requirements by supplementing visual inspection procedures that historically gave “a range of uncertainty” to the customer.


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