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AAR associated railroads give June 2015 PTC status report to Congress

At the discussion on an extension for implementing PTC continues in Congress, the Association of American Railroads gave the following status report for its members.

Remember that where averages are shown, some carriers will be much more advanced… … for example, on the BNSF and on the Los Angeles commuter rail service.

Regardless of the technical issues faced, some of the AAR members have really accomplished much of the technical tasks.

According to the AAR’s PTC progress report to the Federal Railroad Administration (FRA):

• more than 11,000 railroad route miles will be equipped with PTC;

— percent coverage not given

• about 9,000 locomotives will be PTC ready;

— perhaps greater than one-third of fleet

• 76% of the 34,000 required wayside units will be installed;

• 67% of base station radios will be in place; and

• 32,446 of 95,971 railroad employees will be PTC trained.