Hudson River NEC Rail Tunnel at NYC: Engineering report on its Decay // Summer 2015

From Bloomberg, Aug 21, 2015

Politicians got an inspection tour of the North East Corridor (NEC) tunnel under the Hudson River into the city of New York.

Repairs will not be quick.

The structural and damage to the tunnel is likely the result of long term years of use.  The original tunnel wire was fabricated from copper wire encased in lead, paper, cooling oil and rubber.

Recent damage came from flooding and corrosives deposited in  during the 2012 Hurricane Sandy.

Built 105 years ago on riverbed silt, the tunnel tubes rise and sway with the Hudson’s tides, even as trains zoom through at 70 miles an hour. “They shift enough to twist the conduit” say engineers.

For complete repairs and modernization, eacch of the two tubes would have to be closed at least a year for an overhaul.

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