Economics of a MODERN rail box car (wagon)

From multiple recent news sources.

The railroad box car is threatened with economic extinction.  At least in North America.

No longer the most used piece of shipper equipment. Far from it, Here are a few marketing metrics.

Only THREE PERCENT of North American rail traffic moves in the older technology boxcars.

Shippers paid a noticeable approximate $6 billion in rail freight rates to move their products. That is ~8% of North American industry’s total railway revenue, (according to AllTranstek LLC).

Today, a modern engineered boxcar model would be built at a size of about 60 feet lengthwith an axle load rating of about 33 metric tons per axle when loaded to a maximum weight of 286,000 pounds. Today, that new boxcar can cost between $125,000 and $135,000 if bought in North America.

The older boxcars rent out at between $450 and $700 a month based on their original purchase price on ongoing maintenance costs. But the new boxcars will have a rate closer to $1,000 according to a report by Richard Kloster, senior vice president of AllTranstek.

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