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There are technical commercial solutions to Mongolia’s current rail problems — despite the headline

I’ve spent a lot of time in Mongolia evaluating the freight railway situation there, and there are some reasonable solutions to the current rail problems, which I describe in this paper distributed by Frontier LLC.

Official Emblem of Mongolia

Official Emblem of Mongolia

The headline Frontier added to the white paper, “Why Mongolia Rail Will Not Be Successful? [sic]” doesn’t suggest that solutions are available. But they are, and I describe them in the paper, which you can download as a PDF at this link:

Why mongolia rail will not be successful-FULL.

International Railway Journal features my commentary on investment trends in mineral-related transport projects

My commentary, “Emerging market mineral railway boom isn’t set in stone,” appears in the September 6 issue of International Railway Journal. It’s on their website here.

My bottom line is that rail projects might get delayed as investors lose their interest in transport projects related to mineral resources.

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